Who Needs A Whole Home Inspection?​

Buying a Home:
I never schedule more than two inspections a day to allow the time it takes to do a thorough Home Inspection and personal review. I will make every effort to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision about the property.

First Time Home Buyer:
I will take as much time as needed to help you understand the home and any items of interest. I offer a free monthly newsletter to help you understand and maintain your new home. You are also welcome to contact me anytime if you ever have questions.

Investor, Builder, Renovator:
Get an impartial evaluation of the property to help budget repairs or a follow-up after all the work is done. I do not charge an Age Fee on fully remodeled homes. I also offer a discount for a Summary Only Report which highlights the most important items of interest.  
Selling a Home:
Be prepared and proactive for what may come up during the selling process with a Pre-Listing Inspection. You can take the time you need to shop around for competitive bids from contractors who can make any necessary repairs, rather than feeling forced to make a rushed decision to get things fixed before a contractual deadline. You can attach repair estimates or paid invoices to your inspection report.

Wellness Check:
Better understand your home’s major components, and start a solid Home Maintenance list to keep it going strong for countless years. Get tips to save water, energy and money.